Age : 2003

Events : Freestyle & Butterfly

Place of Birth : Malolos City, Bulaca, PHI

Current City : Quezon City, PHI

International Debut : December 9, 2016

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Full Name : Miguel Cruz Barreto
Nick Name : Miguel or Migs

Birthday : September 13, 2003

Current City/Country : Quezon City, PHI

City/Country of Birth : Malolos City, Bulacan, PHI

Current Club : Harpoons Swim Club

Current Coach : Candice Esguerra-Federiso & Archie Lim
Past Clubs : Bulacan Bullsharks Swim Club & DAC Swim Team

Past Coaches : Oboy Ginete & Dennis Cordero


Describe yourself :

I am a hardworking student-athlete, I always enjoy my time with friends even when we are in a competition but when my event is going to start I focused deeply and sometimes talk to other people. Iím a jolly person and most of the time friendly.


What side or character of yours that would most likely surprise others?

People would be surprised to know that I am a thoughtful person and really malambing.


What age did you start swimming? What brought you to the sport of swimming?

I started learn to swim during the summer when I was 5 years old but did not continue until the next summer. Initially, we started swimming as my parents want us to know the basics of swimming for survival. Since I stopped after my 1st learn to swim and my brother continued swimming I envied him because he would always be out during weekends for training and competitions.


During your early years of swimming, have you ever thought that you will reach where you are now today as a swimmer? Why?

No. Because when I started swimming I always feel lazy and I always play when we train so I thought I would treat swimming as a way to be out of the house and just my daily exercise.


What do you think are the factors that make you a successful swimmer?

I train hard really hard. I really hate it when we (the team) need to repeat a certain workout because of other swimmers not able to reach the cycle or when my partner in our land training is not doing their best and not serious about it. I also make sure that I  balance my time in studying and training, I always follow the things my coaches and my parents say.


What is your most memorable experience as a swimmer?

My most memorable experience as a swimmer are the times I compete with my brother and compete with other swimmers with big names in swimming and the times that I train with Olympians.


Apart from being a Summer Olympian, what is (are) your other goal(s) as a swimmer?

My other goals apart from being a Summer Olympian is to be one of the best chef in the world, to build my own restaurant, and be a part of JABBAWOCKEEZ.


Was there ever a time that you thought of quitting swimming? Why?

Yes. Because of the body pain Iíd experience and sometimes when I donít get a better time or beat my personal best.


Who do you look up to as a swimmer? Why?

As a swimmer I look to Michael Phelps. Because he had many struggles in his life and he never gave up and always try to forget those struggles just to do what he needs to do. I look up to him because he qualified in the Olympics at an early age and I want to be like him.


Any specific routines before and during the meet or before a swim? What are these?

Before I go to the ready bench or before I swim I always do a lot of things. Like playing with other swimmers, walk around the venue, and sometimes I talk a lot. Because when I keep quiet I will feel very nervous and my swims will turn out badly.


Please share some words of wisdom for swimmers who wish to be like you.

For those swimmers who wish to be like me. The thing Iím just going say to you all is to train hard, always follow your coaches and parents, and keep focused to reach your goals.


Message to your supporters :

Thank you for your continuous support. I hope that I make you all proud.


2016 International Results

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200m Fly 13 & Under Boys

40th SEA Age Group Swimming Championships, THA




400m Free 13 & Under Boys

40th SEA Age Group Swimming Championships, THA




400m IM 13 & Under Boys

40th SEA Age Group Swimming Championships, THA




1500m Free 13 & Under Boys

40th SEA Age Group Swimming Championships, THA