Age : 2000

Events : Backstroke

Place of Birth : Bulacan, Philippines

Current City : Bulacan, Philippines

International Debut : December 4, 2015

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Full Name : Mark Jiron R. Rotoni
Nick Name : Jiron
Birthday : November 24, 2000
Current City/Country : Sta Maria, Bulacan, PHI

City/Country of Birth : Sta Maria, Bulacan, PHI

Current Club : Ace Seawolves Swim Club

Coaches : Jenny Guerrero

Past Club : NA
Past Coach : NA

Past Coach :


Describe yourself :
Extraordinary, moody and helpful.

What side or character of yours that would most likely surprise others?
Strategic even though I am still young. I always plan for my next move, so that I wonít get left behind.

What age did you start swimming? What brought you to the sport of swimming?
Seven years old. At first, I thought swimming will just be a therapy for my allergy. Eventually, I fell in love with the sports.

During your early years of swimming, have you ever thought that you will reach where you are now today as a swimmer? Why?
No, in the first place, I just wanted to be healthy. Doctor would say swimming is the best sport. Perhaps I could add on to that saying, it is the best, fun and fulfilling sports ever created.

What do you think are the factors that make you a successful swimmer?
Constant practice, balance life and of course doing the thing excellently.

What is your most memorable experience as a swimmer?
My most memorable was when I got a toe injury and was about to compete in Palarong Pambansa year 2012. God has done miracle during that event and I won even though I didnít have enough training.

Apart from being a Summer Olympian, what is (are) your other goal(s) as a swimmer?
To bring honor, glory and praise to our God through this sport and be an inspiration to my fellow youth. Another goal should I say is to break any record that I am best at particularly in breaststroke

Was there ever a time that you thought of quitting swimming? Why?
Yes, because of hectic schedules.

Who do you look up to as a swimmer? Why?
To begin with, I look up to my family, coaches and co swimmers. Because I want them to be proud of me someday. Secondly, I look up to the swimmers that beat records especially in Olympic game like Michael Phelps. They motivate me to do well and aim high

Any specific routines before and during the meet or before a swim? What are these?
Of course, I pray before the battle begins. I prepare myself mentally, with an expression of a tiger look.

Please share some words of wisdom for swimmers who wish to be like you.
It may sound so spiritual but these words were part of my success. Focus on the goal and be enlighten, never give up and be tough, believe and be motivated, survive and be fearless; but in all thy ways acknowledge Jesus as He always direct my path.

Message to your supporters :
I am very grateful to be one of the chosen few and would like to thank deeply my family, relatives, friends, teammates, club mates, coaching staff and trainers. No words can say the joy and the strength you bring to me when I compete. Rest as assured, that I will do my best to bring honour and glory, for God and country.


2015 International Results








100m Breaststroke 14-15 Boys

39th SEA Age Group Swimming Championships, VIE




200m Breaststroke 14-15 Boys

39th SEA Age Group Swimming Championships, VIE




50m Breaststroke 14-15 Boys

39th SEA Age Group Swimming Championships, VIE