Age : 1998

Events : Free, Back, Fly & IM

Place of Birth : Quezon City, Philippines

Current City : Quezon City, Philippines

International Debut : June 10, 2011

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Full Name : Eman Nuellito M. Dapat
Nick Name : Mloy, Eman, Freshie

Birthday : March 16, 1998

Current City/Country : Quezon City, PHI

City/Country of Birth : Quezon City, PHI

Current Club : FAST Ateneo Swimming Team

Current Coaches : Archie Lim and Candice Esguerra-Federiso
Past Clubs : Elizabeth Seton Saints Swim Tea and

Past Clubs : San Beda Sea Lions Swim Team

Past Coaches : Popoy Hipolito and Dondon Roxas


Describe yourself :

Iím a laid-back kind of guy and I just try to take things as they come. I also love to have fun in everything I do, be it in swimming, school, or anything else; I just try to enjoy what Iím doing. Iím a hard worker in and out of the pool and I strive to be the best person I can possibly be in and out of it too. Despite being laid-back, Iím just a great big ball of energy, especially whenever Iím with my friends/teammates.


What side or character of yours that would most likely surprise others?

Contrary to what most people who know me think, I do take things very seriously. I joke about almost everything and to some people, this may come across as not caring/being indifferent, but thatís not true in the least. Itís usually just my way of taking everything in stride and making light or looking at the silver lining of an otherwise bad/negative situation.


What age did you start swimming? What brought you to the sport of swimming?

I started swimming at the age of 4 and I havenít stopped since. I got into swimming mainly because I wanted to be just like my brother, who was also an up-and-coming swimmer at the time.


During your early years of swimming, have you ever thought that you will reach where you are now today as a swimmer? Why?

Looking back, I never really thought of making it this far as a swimmer. For me, swimming was just for fitness and the many great friends I had on my past team.  I had a few good swims here and there but since there were a lot more swimmers who were faster than me, I never dreamt of getting here.


What do you think are the factors that make you a successful swimmer?

Personally, I think my love for the sport is whatís made me into the swimmer I am today. If you love what you do, then no matter how difficult things become, youíre going to be motivated, youíre going to want to put the work in that you need to achieve your goals, and youíre going to continue to strive to be the absolute best you can be.


What is your most memorable experience as a swimmer?

My two most memorable experiences as a swimmer were the BC (British Columbia) Summer Games and the previous UAAP season. I competed in the BC Summer Games back in 2012 when my family and I were still living in Canada. I was selected to the team and I ended up winning 3 golds, 3 silvers, and a bronze medal. The past UAAP season was also very memorable because I lowered all of my best times by a few seconds.


Apart from being a Summer Olympian, what is (are) your other goal(s) as a swimmer?

Apart from the Olympics, my only other goals would be to keep dropping my times, keep improving as a swimmer, and take everything Iíve learned from the pool to become a better person.


Was there ever a time that you thought of quitting swimming? Why?

Swimming is a love and hate relationship so there were definitely a lot of times that I really wanted to give it up. Like what most swimmers will tell you, itís an unforgiving sport. You put in countless of hours and laps in the pool to drop a few tenths of a second (if youíre lucky, a few seconds) and when you donít reach those goals, itís just utterly devastating to say the least and itís really going to make you want to quit. What Iíve learned though is that itís okay to feel down and there are going to be more moments like that, whatís important is how you pick yourself up, learn from those moments, and continue to grow and improve as a swimmer and a person.


Who do you look up to as a swimmer? Why?

My biggest role model as a swimmer would by my older brother, Islau. He was the one who got me into the sport in the first place (unintentionally) and growing up, I always wanted to be just like him. He worked hard as a swimmer and people recognized him for that and so much more. Despite that he was always humble and never let it get to his head, and I admire him for that. Even going into college, he was part of the reason why I chose to swim for Ateneo.


Any specific routines before and during the meet or before a swim? What are these?

I donít really have any routines for a meet/swim. I usually just play it by ear and do the little things I need to do to feel comfortable and ready.


Please share some words of wisdom for swimmers who wish to be like you.

Swimming isnít easy and youíll have times where youíll just want to quit but remember to keep moving forward. The bad times just make the good ones even sweeter and they turn you into a stronger swimmer and person. Youíre in for the ride of your life and never forget to enjoy every second of it. Swim fast, swim hard, and leave everything in the pool!


Message to your supporters/fans :

To all my fans out there (if there are any at all), thank you for supporting me all throughout my journey as a swimmer. I wouldnít be where I am today without all of you and all of my accomplishments arenít just for me, I share them with all of you!


2016 International Results

. . . . .



200m Backstroke Finals

18th ASEAN University Games, SIN




4x100m Free Relay Finals

18th ASEAN University Games, SIN




4x200m Free Relay Finals

18th ASEAN University Games, SIN




400m IM Finals

18th ASEAN University Games, SIN




1500m Freestyle Finals

18th ASEAN University Games, SIN


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2011 International Results

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400m IM Boys 13 & Under

35th SEA Age Group Swimming Championships, VIE




1500m Free Boys 13 & Under

35th SEA Age Group Swimming Championships, VIE