Age : 2001

Events : Breaststroke

Place of Birth : Lucena City, PHI

Current City : Lucena City, PHI

International Debut : December 9, 2016

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Full Name : Bela Louise DV. Magtibay
Nick Name : Bela 

Birthday : October 21, 2001

Current City/Country : Lucena City, PHI

City/Country of Birth : Lucena City, PHI

Current Club : De La Salle Zobel Junior Tankers

Current Coaches : Garry Domingo

Past Club : Quezon Killer Whale Swimming Team

Past Coaches : Virgilio De Luna


Describe yourself :

I'm a simple person. I love reading books and eating sweets, especially chocolates.


What side or character of yours that would most likely surprise others?

Some people think that I am a snob, but once you get to know me, I'm pretty jolly.


What age did you start swimming? What brought you to the sport of swimming?

I started swimming when I was four years old. My parents took me and my sister to the summer learn to swim just to learn the basics and be safe in the pool.


During your early years of swimming, have you ever thought that you will reach where you are now today as a swimmer? Why?

No. Because I just liked being in the pool when I was a kid which made me train everyday and I got faster I guess.


What do you think are the factors that make you a successful swimmer?

I love training. Especially when I train with my friends. I love the feeling when you're very tired but you still push yourself to go faster. Thanks to my passionate and dedicated coaches.


What is your most memorable experience as a swimmer?

When I broke the record in the 200m Breaststroke during the UAAP Season 79.


Apart from being a Summer Olympian, what is (are) your other goal(s) as a swimmer?

To improve my time further and to inspire other swimmers to believe in themselves and be the best that they can be.


Was there ever a time that you thought of quitting swimming? Why?

Yes. Because there came a time when I was having a hard time balancing my studies and my swimming career.


Who do you look up to as a swimmer? Why?

Sacho Ilustre. Because he swims so fast and also does very well in school.


Any specific routines before and during the meet or before a swim? What are these?

Stretching my muscles, focus, and lots of prayers.


Please share some words of wisdom for swimmers who wish to be like you.

Train hard, pray harder, and enjoy what you do.


Message to your supporters :

Thank you for all the support and Godspeed to everyone.


2016 International Results

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100m Breaststroke 14-15 Girls

40th SEA Age Group Swimming Championships, THA




200m Breaststroke 14-15 Girls

40th SEA Age Group Swimming Championships, THA