Age : 1997

Events : Freestyle & Butterfly

Place of Birth : San Juan City, Philippines

Current City : San Juan City, Philippines

International Debut : December 4, 2015

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  Full Name : Andrea Ann Tifanny Co Ngui
Nick Name : Andrea
Birthday : October 23, 1997
Current City/Country : San Juan City, PHI
City/Country of Birth : San Juan City, PHI

Current Club : Rising Atlantis Swim Club

Coaches : Marichi Gandionco

Past Club : Xavier School Swim Club
Past Coach : Jonathan Villagracia, Remyr Angeles &

Past Coach : Guy Concepcion


SEA Age Group Swimming Championship Career Highlights ( 1 Bronze )

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4x100m Free Mixed Relay


39th SEA Age Group Swimming Championships, VIE



Describe yourself :

I am persevering and passionate in the things that I do.


What side or character of yours that would most likely surprise others?

It may not look like it, but I am studious. I don’t like cramming. So I make sure my homework are done before the due date. I am also fun to be with once you know me.


What age did you start swimming? What brought you to the sport of swimming?

As far as I can remember, I started learning to swim about 1 year old. My parents wanted me to learn to swim because everybody in the family swims. Plus, we all love the sun and the sea.


During your early years of swimming, have you ever thought that you will reach where you are now today as a swimmer? Why?

No, because when I started swimming, I thought of it as play time.


What do you think are the factors that make you a successful swimmer?

The constant “coaching” and “pushing” of my brother, and the want in my heart and my mind to achieve my goals in swimming.


What is your most memorable experience as a swimmer?

There is none in particular because every time I get a chance to compete, it’s always a memorable experience. I get to learn new things, being with my friends and coach.


Apart from being a Summer Olympian, what is (are) your other goal(s) as a swimmer?

My goals as a swimmer is to represent the country more and bring honor to the country. Also, to be able to break my best times and to swim my best every single time.


Was there ever a time that you thought of quitting swimming? Why?

No, because I really enjoy swimming and it is sort of an outlet for my stress. Quitting is never really an option in our family, besides, quitters never win.


Who do you look up to as a swimmer? Why?

I look up to my brother Axel Ngui and Jessie Lacuna because of their hard work, dedication, and passion for swimming and their studies.


Any specific routines before and during the meet or before a swim? What are these?

Weeks before the meet, I always eat really clean and healthy food only and try to sleep early or after I do my homework. Then the night before the meet, I try to loosen up my muscles and watch a movie to relax. During the meet, I just try to stay calm and focus.


Please share some words of wisdom for swimmers who wish to be like you.

There are good and bad training days, but never let it get to you. Always remember to keep your focus and stay on track with your goal. If you slip, just go right back into the game. Hard work is never easy, but the result could be very rewarding. Pain is temporary but happiness is forever.


Message to your supporters :

Please support Philippine Swimming and pray for us in this coming SEA Age Group Swimming Championships.

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2015 International Results

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4x100m Free Mixed Relay

39th SEA Age Group Swimming Championships, VIE




100m Freestyle 16-18 Girls

39th SEA Age Group Swimming Championships, VIE




50m Butterfly 16-18 Girls

39th SEA Age Group Swimming Championships, VIE




50m Freestyle 16-18 Girls

39th SEA Age Group Swimming Championships, VIE