Get to know our 2019 SEA Games PH Swimming national team members (Part 2)


Of the twenty seven swimmers representing us at this year’s Southeast Asian Games, only four swimmers have never held both junior and senior Philippine national records. They rest are either current senior national record holders, or junior national record holders.

Jasmine Akhaldi holds the longest running national record in both seniors and juniors among them.

She has been holding the 100m Fly seniors and 16-18 junior Girls record since 2009, while she’s been holding the seniors national records of the 50m Free, 100m Free and 200m Free since 2013.

Thirteen of our SEA Games 2019 swimmers are current seniors Philippine National Record Holders. They are Jasmine Alkhaldi, Chloe Kennedy Isleta, Desirae Mangaoang, James Deiparine, Remedy Rule, Nicole Oliva, Luke Gebbie, Jessie Khing Lacuna, Jaden Christian Olson, Jerard Dominic Jacinto, Jarod Jason Hatch, Georgia Peregrina, Rosalee Santa Ana and Roxanne Ahsley Yu.

Alkhaldi holds the most number of current records, at five. She’s the current record holder of the 50m Free (25.64), 100 Free (55.90), 200m Free (2:00.84) and 50m Fly (27.27).

Isleta and Mangaoang have three current national records each; with Isleta holding the records of the 50m Back (29.79), 200m IM (2:18.39) and 400m IM (4:52.57)

Mangaoang on the other hand is the national record holder of the 50m Breast (33.20), 100m Breast (1:11.05) and 200m Breast (2:32.04) events.

Holding two current national records at present are Deiparine, Rule and Oliva.

Deiparine has the 50m Breast (27.91) and 100m Breast (1:02.00) under his belt.

Rule holds the 100m Fly (1:00.42) and 200m Fly (2:11.3) Philippine records, while Oliva has the 400m Free (4:16.32) and 800m Free (8:48.62)

Each holding one current Philippine seniors national record are Gebbie (49.94 in 100m Free), Lacuna (3:55.34 in 400m Free), Olson (26.00 in 50m Back), Jacinto (56.27 in 100m Back), Hatch (53.91 in 100m Fly) and Peregrina (2:16.33 in 200m Back).

Santa Ana and Yu both are part of the relay teams that are the current national record holders.

Yu in the 4x100m Free and Medley Relay, while Santa Ana in the 4x200m Free relay.

Seventeen of our SEA Games 2019 bets currently holds at least one Junior Philippine National record. They are Jerard Dominic Jacinto, Rafael Barreto, Nicole Oliva, Desirae Mangaoang, Jean-Pierre Khouzam, Maurice Sacho Ilustre, Jonathan Cook, Miguel Barreto, Chloe Kennedy Isleta, Xiand Chua, Georgia Perigrina, Jessie Lacuna, Jaden Olson, Rian Tirol, Jasmne Alkhaldi, Thanya Dela Cruz and Miranda Renner.

Jacinto has the most number of current junior records, with four. He is 16-18 record holder of the 100m Back event, as well as the record holder of the 14-15 Boys 50m Back, 100m Back and 200m Back.

Rafael Barreto, Oliva and Mangaoang hold three junior national records.

Barreto in 16-17 Boys 50m Fly, and the 14-15 Boys 50m Free and 50m Fly.

Oliva is the 16-18 Girls junior record holder of the 200m Free, 400m Free and 800m Free events; while Mangoang in the 50m Breast, 100m Breast and 200m Breast Girls 16-18 age-group.

The rest of the junior Philippine national record holders are :

– Jean-Pierre Khouzam in 16-18 Boys 100m Fly and 200m Fly
– Maurice Sacho Ilustre in 14-15 Boys 100m Fly and 200m Fly
– Jonathan Cook in 16-18 Boys 100m Breast and 200m IM
– Miguel Barreto in 14-15 Boys 200m Free and 400m Free
– Chloe Kennedy Isleta in 16-18 Girls 200m IM and 400m IM
– Xiand Chua in 14-15 Girls 200m IM and 400m IM
– Georgia Perigrina in 16-18 Girls 200m Back and 200m Fly
– Jessie Lacuna in 200m Free of 16-18 Boys
– Jaden Olson in 50m Back of 16-18 Boys
– Rian Tirol in 50m Breast of 16-18 Boys
– Jasmne Alkhaldi 100m Fly of 16-18 Girls
– Thanya Dela Cruz in 50m Breast of 14-15 Girls
– Miranda Renner in 50m Free 14-15 Girls.

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