LSGH poised to reclaim NCAA junior swimming crown


Down to the last day of the championships, La Salle Greenhills (LSGH) looked poised to reclaiming the junior overall crown of the 95th NCAA Swimming Championships currently being held at the Sta. Rosa Sports Complex in Laguna since Wednesday.

Ted Jacob Laminta, Andrei Vaugh Aquino and Jalil Sephraim Taguinod chipped-in a gold each for LSGH on day three of the championships, with Laminta taking the gold of the 400m Free event, Aguino in the 50m Fly event and Taguinod in the 200m breast event.

LSGH’s relay team again dominated the relay event in another record breaking performance of Enrique San Diego, Jaren Tan, Sean Cruz & Andrei Aquino, clocking a new record time of 1:41.52 in the Boys 4x50m Freestyle relay.

Gian Karlo De Guzman again saved San Beda’s day three campaign in the juniors division with another gold in the 200m Back event.

With a day to go, LSGH leads the team standing with 870 points, followed by SBU with 599.5 points, and Collegio de San Juan De Letran with 231.5

San Beda though continued to dominate the seniors men’s and women’s division.

John Henry Gurango (400m Free), Fritz Rodriguez (200m Breast), Gwyneth Amber Cawaling (400m Free), Chloe Medina (100m Back), Katrina Mae Garcia (200m Breast) and the Men’s 4x50m Free relay team added valuable points to the teams campaign with their gold medal performances yesterday.

CSB though didn’t allow the day the pass with a fight.

Aziz Jan Pukunum broke the Men’s 100m Backstroke record with his gold medal time of 1:01.15; and then swept the gold in the 50m Fly event courtesy of Christopher Wong and Justine Anne Abastillas.

CSB’s Women’s 4x50m Freestyle Relay team of Mary Bayaga, Anne Cabanatan, Jaymee Ortega & Justine Abastillas also bagged the gold with 1:55.70 clocking.

At the end of the day three action, the Red Sea Lions topped the men’s division with 864.5, closely followed by CSB with 701.5 points, and University of Pertpetual Help with 274 points.

The Red tankers is already a sure overall champion heading to the last day of the championships, with 1,022.5 points

CSB is far second with 587 points, followed by Emilio Aguinaldo College with 281 points.

Here’s the complete list of winners on day 3 of the NCAA Swimming Championships Season 95 :

Boys 400m Freestyle Finals
Gold : 4:20.48 – Ted Jacob Laminta, CSB
Silver : 4:26.19 – Jaren Rylie Tan, CSB
Bronze : 4:27.24 – Josh Byron Abastillas, SBU

Men’s 400m Freestyle Finals
Gold : 4:22.80 – John Henry Gurango, SBU
Silver : 4:22.88 – Jason Villaruz, SBU
Bronze : 4:28.89 – Lean Ysidore Dagum, SBU

Women’s 400m Freestyle Finals
Gold : 4:45.06 – Gwyneth Amber Cawaling, SBU *New Meet Record*
Silver : 4:57.76 – Gwen Brynne Prejula, SBU
Bronze : 5:04.18 – Celine Anne Delotavo, SBU

Boys 100m Backstroke Finals
Gold : 1:01.66 – Gian Karlo De Guzman, SBU *New Meet Record*
Silver : 1:03.05 – Josemaria Roldan, CSB
Bronze : 1:03.74 – Judiel Joseph Buna, SSC-R

Men’s 100m Backstroke Finals
Gold : 1:01.15 – Aziz Jan Pukunum, CSB *New Meet Record*
Silver : 1:02.12 – Robi Mangilinan, SBU
Bronze : 1:03.47 – Earl Jonathan Dublas, SBU

Women’s 100m Backstroke Finals
Gold : 1:09.32 – Chloe Medina, SBU
Silver : 1:09.64 – Kim Karen Ambong, SBU
Bronze : 1:10.39 – Eya Jamiel Tumbokon, CSB

Boys 50m Butterfly Finals
Gold : 27.34 – Andrei Vaugh Aquino, CSB
Silver : 27.96 – Lorenzo Raphael Pilar, SBU
Bronze : 27.98 – Josh Byron Abastillas, SBU

Men’s 50m Butterfly Finals
Gold : 26.36 – Christopher Wong, CSB
Silver : 26.75 – Aziz Jan Pukunum, CSB
Bronze : 26.92 – John Henry Gurango, SBU

Women’s 50m Butterfly Finals
Gold : 30.26 – Justine Anne Abastillas, CSB
Silver : 30.77 – Dailyn Galabin, UPHSD
Bronze : 31.51 – Eya Jamiel Tumbokon, CSB

Boys 200m Breaststroke Finals
Gold : 2:31.36 – Jalil Sephraim Taguinod, CSB
Silver : 2:32.72 – Ted Jacob Laminta, CSB
Bronze : 2:33.19 – Sean Nathan Gonzales, SBU

Men’s 200m Breaststroke Finals
Gold : 2:28.42 – Fritz Rodriguez, SBU
Silver : 2:32.30 – Paulo Andrew Rioflorido, CSB
Bronze : 2:32.94 – Edgar Hin Louise Chee, SBU

Women’s 200m Breaststroke Finals
Gold : 2:48.39 – Katrina Mae Garcia, SBU *New Meet Record*
Silver : 2:53.91 – Ericka Pascual, UPHSD
Bronze : 2:54.09 – Patricia Angela Aguilar, EAC

Boys 4x50m Freestyle Relay Finals
Gold : 1:42.52 – CSB (Enrique San Diego, Jaren Tan, Sean Cruz & Andrei Aquino) *New Meet Record*
Silver : 1:42.19 – SBU (Gian De Guzman, Aaron Alinsub, Keenan Agquiz & Josh Abastillas)
Bronze : 1:49.55 – AU (Ebner Tanasak, Adrina Azul, Kian Canete & Fritz Indab)

Men’s 4x50m Freestyle Relay
Gold : 1:38.85 – SBU (Joshua Casino, Glenn Arzula, Jason Villaruz & Robi Mangilinan)
Silver : 1:40.58 – CSB (Jose Ricafrente, Kim Ramos, Marione Barcelon & Chalres Licardo)
Bronze : 1:46.17 – AU (Joshua Regalado, Nurimar Kassim, Danil Compo Jr. & Prince Lirio)

Women’s 4x50m Freestyle Relay Finals
Gold : 1:55.70 – CSB (Mary Bayaga, Anne Cabanatan, Jaymee Ortega & Justine Abastillas)
Silver : 1:55.99 – SBU (Helena Teope, Katrina Garcia, Cherryline Hortelano & Gwen Prejula)
Bronze : 2:07.44 – EAC (Almira Punzalan, Joey Caber, Elijah Yee & Elisa Orejas)

CLICK HERE for the full day one results.

Photo Credit : Evan Grabador

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