Laminta opens NCAA Season 95 bid in record breaking fashion


Ted Jacob Laminta opened his NCAA bid with two gold medals, both new meet records, yesterday at the 95th National Collegiate Athletic Association Swimming Championships currently being held at the Sta. Rosa Sports Complex in Laguna until September 7, 2019.

Laminta, of La Salle Greenhills (CSB) opened the afternoon finals with a gold in the Boys 200m IM event, successfully defending his title in this event with a new meet record time of 2:12.89

He broke Jose Mari Sebastian’s meet record of 2:13.61 clocked in Season 92.

San Beda’s Gian Karlo De Guzam took the silver with 2:17.51, while another CSB swimmer, Jalil Sephraim Taguinod snatch the bronze with 2:18.47

Laminta again saw action in the Boys 1,500m Freestyle event, finishing on top with a new meet record time of 17:20.21, breaking Russell La Torre’s record of 17:20.55

Also scoring a double gold medal performance in an individual event at the opening day was SBU’s Chloe Medina who took the gold in the Women’s 200m IM (2:33.65) and 50m Back (31.89) events.

Not to be outshined, SBU’s John Henry Gurango and Gwyneth Cawaling, both swimming in the seniors division, took the gold medals in the long distance events via meet record breaking fashion.

Gurango set a new meet record time of 17:22.07 in the Men’s 1500m Freestyle event en route to his golden victory, while Cawaling set a new meet record of 9:55.94 in the Women’s 800m Freestyle event w

Other gold medalists in the Boys Division were CSB’s Josemaria Roldan in the 100m Free event (56.32) and SBU’s Gian Karlo De Guzam in 50m Back (28.97).

Other gold medalists in the Men’s Division were SBU’s Jason Villaruz in 200m IM event (2:17.27) and Robi Mangilinan in 50m Back (28.45), as well as CSB’s Christopher Wong in 100m Free (54.51).

CSB’s Justine Anne Abastillas took the gold of the 100m Free (1:02.10) event in the Women’s Division.

At the end of day one of the 95th NCAA Swimming Championships, La Salle Greenhills junior swim team topped the medal tally with 4 Gold, 1 Silver and 3 Bronze medals; followed by SBU with 1-3-1, Mapua with 1 silver and CSJL with a bronze.

San Beda University dominated the seniors division at the opening day.

In the Men’s division, SBU had 4-1-2 medal tally, followed by CSB with 1-4-1, LPU and UPHSD with 1 bronze medal each.

In the Women’s Division, SBU had 4-3-3 medal tally, followed by CSB with 1-2-1 and EAC with a bronze.

Here’s the complete list of Day One winners of the Season 95 NCAA Swimming Championships :

Boys 200m IM Finals
Gold : 2:12.89 – Ted Jacob Laminta, CSB *New Meet Record*
Silver : 2:17.51 – Gian Karlo De Guzman, SBU
Bronze : 2:18.47 – Jalil Sephraim Taguinod, CSB

Men’s 200m IM Finals
Gold : 2:17.27 – Jason Villaruz, SBU
Silver : 2:17.29 – Aziz Jan Pukunum, CSB
Bronze : 2:18.71 – Jose Gabriel Lavina, CSB

Women’s 200m IM Finals
Gold : 2:33.65 – Chloe Medina, SBU
Silver : 2:35.10 – Sophia Bulanhagui, SBU
Bronze : 2:36.83 – Katrina Mae Garcia, SBU

Boys 100m Freestyle Finals
Gold : 56.32 – Josemaria Roldan, CSB
Silver : 56.66 – Ryan Emmanuel Suarez, CSB
Bronze : 56.75 – Sean Gabriel Cruz, CSB

Men’s 100m Freestyle Finals
Gold : 54.51 – Christopher Wong, CSB
Silver : 54.56 – Robi Mangilinan, SBU
Bronze : 55.15 – Joshua Casino, SBU

Women’s 100m Freestyle Finals
Gold : 1:02.10 – Justine Anne Abastillas, CSB
Silver : 1:02.36 – Gwen Bryne Prejula, SBU
Bronze : 1:03.27 – Gwyneth Cawaling, SBU

Boys 50m Backstroke Finals
Gold : 28.97 – Gian Karlo De Guzman, SBU
Silver : 29.46 – Daryl James Concepcion, MAPUA
Bronze : 30.25 – Sean Gabriel Cruz, CSB

Men’s 50m Backstroke Finals
Gold : 28.45 – Robi Mangilinan, SBU
Silver : 28.70 – Aziz Jan Pukunum, CSB
Bronze : 29.15 – Gerom Bajado, LPU

Women’s 50m Backstroke Finals
Gold : 31.89 – Chloe Medina, SBU
Silver : 32.26 – Justine Anne Abastillas, CSB
Bronze : 32.75 – Eya Jamiel Tumbokon, CSB

Boys 1500m Freestyle Finals
Gold : 17:20.21 – Ted Jacob Laminta, CSB *New Meet Record*
Silver : 18:03.34 – Josh Byron Abastillas, SBU
Bronze : 18:08.08 – Joseph Corpuz, SSC

Men’s 1500m Freestyle Finals
Gold : 17:22.07 – John Henry Gurango, SBU *New Meet Record*
Silver : 17:32.19 – Darwin Joshua Avillanoza, CSB
Bronze : 17:36.28 – Jason Villaruz, SBU

Women’s 800m Freestyle Finals
Gold : 9:55.94 – Gwyneth Cawaling, SBU *New Meet Record*
Silver : 10:27.78 – Celine Anne Delotavo, SBU
Bronze : 10:31.70 – River Gail Salonga, SBU

Boys 4x50m Medely Relay Finals
Gold : 1:54.20 – CSB (Bryan San Diego, Jalil T1a6guinod, Andrei Vaughn Aquino & Josemaria Roldan)
Silver : 1:57.03 – SBU (Aaaron Alinsub, James Carmona, Lorenzo Pilar & Keenan Agquiz)
Bronze : 1:57.47 – CSJL (Ronnel Alcantara, Joaquin Bayani, James Manese & Dan Leyba)

Men’s 4x50m Medley Relay Finals
Gold : 1:49.96 – SBU (Robi Mangilinan, Fritz Rodriguez, John Gurango & Glenn Arzula)
Silver : 1:50.91 – CSB (Jose Ricafrente, Jose Lavina, Aziz Pukunum & Christopher Wong)
Bronze : 1:58.75 – UPHSD (Oliver Aroma, Joshua Batersal, Lanz Pontevedra & JR Rebite)

Women’s 4x50m Medley Relay Finals
Gold : 2:07.36 – SBU (Chloe Medina, Katrina Garcia, Sophia Bulanhagui & Gwyneth Cawaling)
Silver : 2:09.07 – CSB (Jaymee Ortega, Maurize Dabi, Eya Tumbokon & Justine Abastillas)
Bronze : 2:15.03 – EAC (Joey Caber, Patricia Aguilar, Carmenrose Matabuena & Alic Dela Cruz)

CLICK HERE for the full day one results.

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