Dissecting Team Philippines’ 9th ASEAN Schools Games Historic Performance


This year’s Philippine Swimming Team to the 9th ASEAN Schools Games, composed of twenty one (21) Palarong Pambansa standouts, is the first Philippine contingent to have delivered a gold medal for the country, not just one, but seven gold medals.

The members of the historic Philippine Team this year are Andrei Miguel Pogiongko, Christian Paul Anor, Drew Benett Magbag, Fritz June Rodriguez, Ianiko Grieco Limfilipino, Jerald Dominic Jacinto, Jose Mari Sebastian Arcilla, Keane Cedric Ting, Mark Jiron Rotoni, Maurice Sacho Ilustre, Allen Joy Santos, Althea Michel Baluyut, Bella Louis Magtibay, Bhay Maitland Newberry, Camille Lauren Buico, Janelle Alisa Frances Lin, Kelsey Claire Jaudian, Nicole Meah Pamintuan, Raven Faith Alcoseba, Robin Louise Tolentino and Zoe Marie Hilario.


Team Philippines went home with 7 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze medals; finishing 3rd in the medal tally, behind Indonesia with 20-9-9, and Singapore with 7-10-7 tally.

Of the 14 medals won by the team, 12 of which were won in an individual event, while two bronze medals were won in the Girls Relay events.

Of the 21 high school tankers, five (5) of them have won an individual event medal; three of which have delivered a gold.

Of the 21 high school tankers, 9 of them went home with a medal.

Bringing home the gold medals were Maurice Sacho Ilustre with four (100m Free, 200m Free, 100m Fly & 200m Fly), Bhay Maitland Newberry with two (100m Back and 200m Back), and Jerard Dominic Jacinto with one (100m Back).

Ilustre has also won two silver medals (400m Free and 50m Fly), while Newberry won a silver in 50m Back event.

Nicole Meah Pamintuan and Raven Faith Alcoseba won a bronze each in the 200m Free and 200m Back events respectively.

The quartet of Zoe Marie Hilario, Althea Michel Baluyut, Pamintuan and Newberry took the bronze in the Girlx 4x100m Freestyle Relay; while the quartet of Bela Louise Magtibay, Camille Lauren Buico, Newberry and Pamintuan went home with the bronze in the Girls 4x100m Medley Relay event.

Of the 21 swimmers, 18 swimmers delivered a Top 8 (Finals) finish in an individual event, thus only three failed to make a finals appearance.


A total of seven new Philippine Junior National Records were set at the 9th ASEAN Schools Games in Singapore.

Bhay Maitland Newberry set three new junior records in the Girls 14-15 Age Group; while Maurice Sacho Ilustre and Camille Lauren Buico delivered two junior record performances each.

Newberry sets the Girls 14-15 Age Group record of the 50m Back (30.95), 100m Back (1:05.38) and 200m Back (2:20.88).

Ilustre is the new Boys 16-18 Age Group Junior Record holder of the 50m Fly (25.61) and 100m Fly (55.97); while Buico is the new Girls 14-15 Age Group Junior national record holder of 50m Fly (28.90) and 100m Fly (1:03.97).


Of the 21 swimmers, two of them have breached the 700 FINA Points. They are Maurice Sacho Ilustre and Bhay Maitland Newberry.

Ilustre registered an above 700 FINA Points in five of the six individual events that he was entered (100m Free, 200m Free, 400m Free, 100m Fly and 200m Fly); while Newberry registered an above 700 FINA Points in one of the four individual events that she was entered (100m Back), with 702 FINA Points, two other events were above 650 FINA Points (50m Back & 200m Back).

Ilustre’s highest FINA Point, as well as the team’s highest FINA Point was 733fp in 200m Fly event.

Of the 19 remaining swimmers, four (4) swimmers registered an above 650 FINA Points. They were Nicole Meah Pamintuan (100m Free & 200m Free), Jerard Dominic Jacinto (100m Back), Andrae Miguel Pogiongko (100m Fly) and Camille Lauren Buico (100m Fly).

Of the 15 remaining swimmers, eight (8) swimmers have registered an above 600 FINA Points. They were Christian Paul Anor (100m Free & 100m Back), Ianiko Grieco Limfilipino (200m IM & 400m IM), Keane Cedric Ting (200m Free), Mark Jiron Rotoni (200m Breast), Drew Benett Magbag (200m Breast), Althea Michel Baluyut (100m Free), Zoe Marie Hilario (100m Back) and Raven Faith Alcoseba (200m Back).


Of the 64 swims in an individual event at the games (two swimmers entered per event), the team registered their best times in 21 of their swims.

Of the 21 swimmers who saw action in Singapore, twelve (12) swimmers delivered their best time in at least one of their swims. They are Maurice Sacho Ilustre, Christian Paul Anor, Fritz Jun Rodriguez, Andrae Miguel Pogiongko, Bhay Maitland Newberry, Althea Michel Baluyut, Camille Lauren Buico, Nicole Meah Pamintuan, Kelsey Claire Jaudian, Raven Faith Alcoseba, Allen Joy Santos and Robin Louise Tolentino.

Newberry had a clean sweep, delivering her best times in all four individual events that she was entered (50m Free, 50m Back, 100m Back and 200m Back)

Ilustre clocked his best times in five (5) of the six (6) events that he was entered (100m Free, 200m Free, 400m Free, 50m Fly and 100m Fly)

With two new best times each were Camille Lauren Buico (50m Fly & 100m Fly), and Althea Michel Baluyut (50m Fly & 200m Fly)

Clocking one best time each were Christian Paul Anor (100m Back), Fritz Jun Rodriguez (100m Breast), Andrae Miguel Pogiongko (100m Fly), Nicole Meah Pamintuan (200m Free), Kelsey Claire Jaudian (800m Free), Raven Faith Alcoseba (200m Back), Allen Joy Santos (200m Breast) and Robin Louise Tolentino (400m IM).

Swimmers who failed to deliver at least one best time in an individual event were Drew Benett Magbag, Ianiko Grieco Limfilipino, Jerald Dominic Jacinto, Jose Mari Sebastian Arcilla, Mark Jiron Rotoni, Keane Cedric Ting, Bella Louis Magtibay, Janelle Alisa Frances Lin and Zoe Marie Hilario.

NOTE : May kurot sa singit kayong 9 na swimmers na walang best time.. ooppss exempted pala si Jacinto, Magtibay and Hilario ’cause they won a medal.


Team Philippines’ historic performance at the 9th ASEAN Schools Games in Singapore is definitely one for the books!

The last time a Philippine swimming team delivered more than 5 gold medals in an international meet was in 2010, at the 34th SEA Age Group Swimming Championships in the Philippines where the team delivered thirteen (13) gold medals.

Since then, we have not won more than 5 gold medals in an international meet; winning only 4 gold medals at the 2011 SEA Age Group Championships in Vietnam, and also 4 gold medals at the 2014 ASEAN University Games in Indonesia.

The US Training camp has definitely helped prepare Ilustre, Newberry, Pamintuan and Buico going into this meet; while Jacinto’s gold medal and Alcoseba’s bronze medal, so as the relay bronze medals, are proofs that Philippines’ has bounty of swimming talents.

Grassroots program has never been a problem in Philippine Swimming, because time and time again we see new faces of youth swimmers making waves at the National Championships, Palarong Pambansa and Batang Pinoy Championships.

With proper identification of nationwide talents, what Philippine Swimming needs is a solid program for these youth swimmers to optimize their potentials, plus a solid program for senior swimmers to keep them from retiring, and to keep them swimming at a competitive level.

The US Training Camp organized by Philippine Swimming Incorporated was definitely a good start for Philippine Swimming. The challenge is how to effectively continue what has been started.

Let’s not be too happy though!

Not to discount our team’s success in Singapore, the true test of our youth team is at the 41st SEA Age Group Swimming Championships in Brunei this November, where the level of competition is a lot higher.

CLICK HERE for the Full Results of the 9th ASEAN Schools Games in Singapore.

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