First leg of US Training Camp ends; junior tankers earn valuable lessons


The first leg of the US Training Camp for Philippine Swimming’s Elite Junior tankers, held at the Santa Clara Swim Club in California USA, has ended with junior tankers taking valuable lessons and experiences with them heading to the leg two of the camp.

Here’s what our junior tankers have to say at the end of their Santa Clara training camp.

Maurice Sacho Ilustre : What I’ve learned so far, which I think every athlete on any level can agree on, is that THERE WILL ALWAYS BE SOMETHING TO IMPROVE. It can be anything from technique to attitude. Usually, it’s the little things that make the difference. One more thing I’ve learned is that it’s important to thank the people behind the scenes because being an athlete isn’t a one-man job. Every swimmer in this training camp got here because there were people behind the scenes who helped us.

Kirsten Chloe Daos : What I’ve learned so far is to never doubt yourself. Each of us has potential that is just waiting to be unleashed. We just have to keep working and never stop believing.

Andrae Miguel Pogiongko : What I’ve learned so far is that our legs will be the one to help us finish all our races strong all the time and that we should always try your best every training session to beat yourself because you are your biggest competitor.

Nicole Meah Pamintuan : The 3 week training camp taught me so much, even in the smallest things that I wasn’t expecting. Our everyday life in Santa Clara, in and out of the pool has it’s own lessons that we can apply as a person. To be honest, I have a very low self esteem. I always think that I can’t do it, I am too weak, They’re stronger, etc. But thank you to the people who helped me improve my self esteem and at the same time they taught me to be still humble. I noticed that me and the members of the Philippine Junior Team changed in a good & positive way and we are ready to share our experience to our fellow Filipino swimmers and to help them also even in the smallest things possible.

Miguel Karlo Barlisan : What ive learned so far is to keep battling.

Regina Maria Paz Castrillo : What I’ve learned so far during this trip is not to take the easy way out. We may all feel tired and want to give up but whenever we feel that, we should have stronger hearts and minds to help us forget about the pain we are having and to just keep moving forward.

Ianiko Grieco Limfilipino : What ive learned so far is that KICKING IS THE KEY to be a better swimmer and you should be more aware with your technique.

Samantha Therese Coronel : During our 3 weeks of training in Santa Clara, what I’ve learned so far is that you should never underestimate yourself. You should always be confident in yourself and your swims. With this, you can motivate yourself to go faster and swim better. Another thing I learned is that you shouldn’t take the easy way out. Always push yourself and do your best. Lastly, always be open minded and ready to learn more.

Rafael Barreto : What I’ve learned so far, kicking is the key, dont ever ever doubt and underestimate yourself because you can always do better, and also focus on the little things that can make you improve because it can be a big factor in the long run.

Althea Michel Baluyut : I’ve learnt so much things from the June 6-23 Santa Clara swim camp leg. The things I’ve learnt so far is that it doesn’t matter if others have more training than you. What matters is that you do your best to catch up and eventually surpass them. Also, don’t underestimate your self because you are always stronger than you think. Your body may think that you can’t do it anymore but you’ll just have to use the will of your mind to go on and faster; to not give up.

Gabriel Guerrero : For the past three weeks, I have learned a whole lot. I learned a lot about being a great and responsible athlete. I learned that even small changes really can affect one’s performance on the long run. Taking part in this training camp has taught me to have a lot of confidence with myself. After this experience, I am proud to say that I have become a better athlete. I am proud to be a Philippine Junior Swimmer.

Camille Lauren Buico : What I’ve learned so far is THERE SHOULD BE NO LIMITS. You can do better than what you think is your best.

Bhay Maitland Newberry : For the past three weeks I’ve learned on how important not giving up is, I’ve trained the most I’ve ever trained before and I realized you have to learn to embrace and enjoy the pain, sweat and tears as it’s for the better. I’ve noticed an improvement in my swimming since the first week, I’ve learned that it’s the little things that make the big difference from strengthening your core to kicking is key. I’ve learned how proud I am to be part of the Jr Philippine swimming team and how proud I am to carry around the name and flag of the Philippines.

The first leg of the training camp (June 6-23) at the Santa Clara Swim Club in California USA, was mentored by Santa Clara Swim Club Head Coach John Bitter and coach Allison Beebe, as well as Chris Barbers of COR (strength and conditioning of Dr GJohn Mullen ).

Joining the team at the training camp are coaches Noel Ilustre, Sherwin Santiago, Doll De Guzman and Marichi Gandionco.

The junior tankers are now on their second and last leg of the camp in Seattle, Washington, USA, where the junior swimmers are training under the supervision of Coach Doug Djang and Coach Sean Hutchison of King Aquatics.

This training camp is a brainchild of PSI Secretary General Lani Velasco, realized through the support of the Philippine Sports Commission, Philippine Olympic Committee, other private entities and swim parents Elizabeth Yen and Mark & Cynthia Oliva.

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