List of Elite Filipino Swimmers : Season 2017, First Quarter Update


At the end of the First Quarter of Season 2017, a total of one hundred seven (107) Elite Swimmers have made the cut at the 2017 Philippine Swimming Overall National Rankings, 54 of which are male while 53 are female swimmers.

Of the 107 swimmers, the eldest are Jessie Khing Lacuna and Jasmine Alkhaldi who are both 24 years old this year, while the youngest is eleven-year-old Athena Shannessa Chang.

Of the 107 swimmers, only 26 are senior swimmers who are aged 19 years-old and above.

A total of 47 swimmers are 16-18 year old age-bracket; while 29 swimmers come from 14-15 Age-Group.

Five (5) 13 & Under swimmers have made it to the overall national rankings.

Meanwhile, in the Age-Group Rankings, a total of 225 swimmers have made the cut of our Season 2017 Junior Rankings; of which 67 made the cut of of the 16-18 Age-Group Rankings; 83 swimmers in the 14-15 Age-Group Rankings; and 75 swimmers in the 13 & Under Age-Group Rankings.

Youngest swimmers who have made it to the Junior Rankings are Athena Shannessa Chang, Ihiazel Fei Dolliente, Micaela Jasmine Mojdeh and Monique Ramas-Uypitching; who are all eleven years old.

Here’s the complete list of swimmers who have so far made it to the 2017 National Rankings at the end of First quarter.


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