OPLAN “QTA” in Tokyo : the Road to Summer Olympic Games 2020


OPLAN “QTA” in TOKYO : The Road to Summer Olympic Games 2020 aims to motivate Filipino Swimmers vying for a slot at the 32nd Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan on July 25-30, 2020 – with one goal in the mind, and that is to qualify via achieving “QTA” (qualifying times).

Why QTA? Because this is the only way that a Federation can send more than 2 swimmers. And achieving “QTA” time gives a swimmer a sure ticket to the Summer Olympic Games.

Oplan “QTA” in Tokyo’s ambitious goal is to see Filipino swimmers making it to the Semifinal and Final rounds.

Oplan “QTA” in Tokyo’s most ambitious goal is to see Filipino swimmers winning a medal!

The Oplan “QTA” in Tokyo helps swimmers, coaches, parents and fans monitor the improvement of Filipino Swimmers en route to the 32nd Summer Olympic Games.

A TARGET TIME is set per event. Top target time is the Top 8 time of the Rio Olympic Games, and the second target time is the TOP 16 TIME of the Rio Olympic Games which will most likely be the QTA for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.

From year 2016 to 2020, specific TARGET TIMES are being set each year per event to monitor which swimmers are on-track in achieving the QTA time, and which swimmers have to put more effort to achieve the target times.

Unfortunately, we are only monitoring the progress of the TOP 5 Swimmers of each event. The list of the Top 5 Swimmers though may change if other swimmers beat the times of our Top 5.

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