A welcome development in PH Swimming’s Team Selection Process


After receiving the forwarded email regarding the Team Selection for the upcoming 8th Asian Age-Group Swimming Championship in Bangkok, Thailand next month, I can’t help but grin from cheek to cheek while reading the email.

There were some parts though that raised my eyebrows, but overall, I see a bright light ahead with the way things are done in selecting the team members who will represent the country in an international swim meet.

For the FIRST TIME, (correct me on this one if I’m wrong), PSI no longer just pop-out of nowhere with a memo on who made it to the Team.

This time, PSI involves everybody in the selection of who will make it to the team.

How did they do it?

They sent an email to all coaches, stating all details there is to know about the upcoming international meet, and of course the qualifying times were included in that email.

What’s shocking (to me it was!) is that there were no names of those swimmers who have been selected to the Team!

Instead, the email ASKED ALL COACHES to NOMINATE SWIMMERS who have qualified to the 8th Asian Age-Group Swimming Championship based on the qualifying times presented.

Ain’t that something to be (shocked) and HAPPY about?

This set-up is indeed a welcome development in the team selection process; a victory for all swimmers and coaches who have been hoping to have a more transparent and “politics-free” selection process.

Hands-up (pati paa!) to the person or group of persons who have made this process happen.

It was Coach Archie Lim who asked PSI to circulate that email, so if it was him who have put this new system in place, kudos to you coach!!!

This process is definitely upholding and nurturing INVOLVEMENT and PARTICIPATION among all concerned members in the swimming community. Wala ng swimmer na makakaligtaan sa proceso dahil their coaches will make sure that they get nominated to the team if they have hit the QTs.

Just like every nomination, there is a big chance that all nominees don’t get selected to the team.

So to promote better understanding and transparency among all coaches, swimmers and parents; it would make the entire process more efficient if PSI will send the final ranking of all nominated swimmers to all coaches, along with the list of swimmers who made it.

Providing them a copy of the final rankings of the nominated swimmers will help them understand why their swimmers did not make it; thus avoiding complaints and accusations of favoritism and politics.

So if i’m jubilant with the new team selection process, what made my eyebrows raise then?

Nothing really that serious, but just some things that the community can improve on to have a much better selection process, and much better preparation for an international meet.

Kung sa Senate Hearing pa, sabi ng taohan ng Commission on Audit, may mga RED FLAGS sa certain processes and transactions.

Let’s say ako si COA Chairmain Gracia Pulido-Tan or si Commissioner Heidi Mendoza, here are the RED FLAGS in the selection process.

1.> Release of the QTS is less than a month before the meet.

2.> Email asking for nominations was sent to PSI last September 3, then it was sent by PSI to all coaches on September 4; while deadline of submission of nominations was end of the week (Sept.6)

3.> Final announcement of the team members was September 8; while swimmers have to pay for their participation on September 10.

4.> The number of entries was limited to 24 swimmers. Eight swimmers each per age-category. (Not so sure though if this is a red flag. Baka nga may limit ang number of delegates per federation. I still have to check on this one.)

THE LAST RED FLAG is a bit sensitive. Though I’m not in the position to comment on this one, but I’ll just write my observation anyway.

5.> Time criteria of the QTAs was based on Goal FINA POINTS of swimmers (Seniors 735fp, Juniors 700fp, Age Groupers 570 for boys, 610 for girls, +3.5% for consideration).

Again, although I am not in the position to question this since wala akong alam about this, but I can’t help notice na may tingi-tingi ang FINA Points.

If this is the agreed GOAL FP of all coaches though, then this is not a Red Flag.

But if this is the agreed GOAL FP of only few coaches and clubs – not by everybody, then this could be considered a red flag. I still have to study though if this is indeed a red flag or not.

Sensya na! Heto na naman ako, nagmamaganda! Just trying to help make our selection process more efficient, and complaint-free. Anyhow, this will be for the good of the entire swimming community.

And since this article is to celebrate the GOOD DEVELOPMENT of our SELECTION PROCESS, I will have to leave it this way, and elaborate on the RED FLAGS in a separate article.

Again, CONGRATULATIONS PHILIPPINE SWIMMING for a better selection process this time! Hope we will continue to use this “Nomination” Tradition in all up-coming international meets that we will be joining.

Kots Isko

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