Representing the country is one big responsibility


Representing our country in an international swim championship with no specific goal(s) is like going on a field trip where we are only after the exposure and lessons that we could get from joining the meet.

The true of essence representation is going to an international meet to achieve one specific goal, and that is to WIN for the country!

YES, donning the Philippine colors is a much BIGGER RESPONSIBILITY than we perceive it to be!

It does not only mean representing the country with pride and honor, but most importantly it means that one ACCEPTS the RESPONSIBILITY of WINNING for the COUNTRY!


Yes, it is!

WINNING though comes in different forms, and it does not include these :

(1) being a presumed Winner because one has been chosen to represent the country,
(2) being a presumed Winner because of the time, effort & dedication one has given in preparing for the meet, and
(3) being a Winner because of the “rich” experience, lessons and exposure one gets from joining the meet.

When I say WINNING, it only means either of these THESE TWO :

(1) Win a medal for the country, or
(2) Deliver at least a single performance (event) that is better than you have performed before (or better than you have performed in a season).


Yes it is!

That’s why when a swimmer gets chosen to represent the country in an international meet, and that swimmer has accepted the huge responsibility of being our country’s representative; THEN that SWIMMER has AGREED to WIN for the COUNTRY!

No “ifs” and no “buts”. One has to WIN!


Yes, it is!

No “medal” or no “better performance” means FAILURE!

Enough with the cliche statement that says “You are still a winner in my eyes because you represented our country well – with pride and honor”!

Rather, embrace the fact that you have failed.


Yes, it is!

So pack your bags and go home! (ouch again!)

It’s not the end of the world though because every champion experiences failure! (heads’ up!)

Champions (in it’s truest sense) go home and go back to the drawing board to get ready for the next battle!

THEY MAKE SURE that next time they get called to represent our country, they are going to accept the responsibility of donning the Philippine colors because they are SURE that they are going to WIN for the COUNTRY!

P.S. This article is be a bit harsh and straightforward, so Kots Isko apologizes because I badly need to get this out of my chest. This is a reality that we have to face though. It is very important that as our country’s representative, we are able to distinguish “when we fail” and “when we succeed”, because if we keep on believing that we are successful in every meet that we participate because of the effort we have given in preparing for the battle (as what our well-wishers tell us so) then we are in big trouble.

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