Good news for Singapore SEA Games aspirants


Good news for Filipino swimmers aspiring to be part of the Philippine Swimming Team at the upcoming 28th Southeast Asian Games in Singapore this June 6-12, 2015

From a reliable source, Philippine Swimming was given a go signal to add more swimmers to the roster of athletes for the prestigious biennial meet.

Initially, Philippine Swimming Incorporated recommended 21 (or 20) swimmers to the SEA Games Task Force for accreditation for the Singapore meet.

The list was then cut down by the task-force to 12, who they believe have met the criteria to be part of the PH SEA Games team this year. (Until now though, we still don’t have the names of the 12 swimmers on the final list.)

But with Philippine Sports Commission’s plan of quantifying Philippines’ delegates to Singapore SEA Games this year; Philippine Swimming, along with other national sports association, are given the chance to add more athletes in the official PH SEA Games roster, BUT WITH A CATCH!

The catch is . . .

For every athlete added in the official Philippine roster that won’t win a medal in Singapore, 70,000 pesos will be deducted from their respective NSA’s budget from PSC.

Meaning, if Philippine Swimming will add 10 more swimmers in the list and that these ten swimmers will not deliver a medal “EACH” in Singapore this June, then it’s 10 swimmers multiplied by 70,000 pesos each (a total of 700,000 pesos) will be cut from PSI’s budget (not sure if this year’s budget or next year).


I have always been an advocate of sending athletes who are NOT medal potentials to SEA Games just to give them the opportunity to be exposed to such level of meet.

I believe that the experience will inspire them to go back home and get all pumped up to train and finally win in their next SEA Games stint. (Not withstanding the idea that they too can actually register surprise wins)

And with the limited budget we have for Philippine Sports, this kind of set-up is just not really feasible because it would be really costly funding all none medal potential athletes.

My stand on this one is actually for PSC to finance medal potential athletes, and for NSA’s to find their own source of funding for athletes who are not medal potentials but are the best in their respective events and worthy for SEA Games stint.

With the development now that PSC is giving Philippine Swimming the opportunity to add more athletes with a 70K catch for none-performing athletes; this set-up is actually just like giving Philippine Swimming the opportunity to send more athletes via their own source of funding (in case those athletes won’t win a single medal each).

Don’t you think it’s good news?

Well, it could be viewed as bad news for Philippine Swimming which is having difficulty sourcing some funds; but this could be good news for top swimmers of our country who have missed the cut.

Can you get now where i’m going at?

Here it is . . .

Swimmers who missed the cut can always treat the SEA Games like the SEA Age Group Swimming Championship.

In SEA AG, swimmers fund their participation and get refunds when they win medals.

In the case of SEA Games this year, PSC will initially fund the swimmers participation, but PSI or PSI can make an arrangement with the swimmer that they get to pay 70,000 pesos if they will not win a medal in Singapore.

A bit harsh arrangement (eye-rolling treatment for our top swimmers) but this is the only solution I could think of for Philippine Swimming to be able send more athletes in Singapore.

THOUGH, it would be really nice if it will be PSI shouldering the 70,000 pesos if a swimmer they add to the official list won’t win a SEA Games medal.

These top swimmers definitely need to be rewarded with a SEA Games stint for their hard work and dedication in uplifting swimming as a sport in the Philippines!

So for TOP SWIMMERS OUT THERE who think that they have missed the SEA Games cut for not hitting the bronze medal time; it’s time to call Coach Pinky Brosas and come-up with a win-win arrangement!

Hurry! And see you in Singapore!

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